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The PopulationCouncil Consulting is implementing a project supported by the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation [CIFF] to synthesise the evidence of the effects of selected set of actions (primary and secondary education, life skills and behavior change communication, technical skills and apprenticeship, livelihoods, social norm change and strategic prioritization of women and girls) on outcomes such as early child marriage, child bearing and female labour force participation and force multipliers such as improved birth outcomes, reduction in low birth weight, better learning outcomes, improved SRH knowledge, increased birth spacing, adoption of contraception and safe abortion, prevention of violence and trafficking, agency, and resources and earnings. This evidence synthesis is focused in geographies in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, with a special focus on India, Bangladesh and Nepal in South Asia and Nigeria, Ethiopia and Kenya in Sub-Saharan Africa. It maps what is known about the effects of actions delineated in CIFF’s Girl Capital Strategy framework on direct outcomes and force multipliers; identifies appropriate interventions and makes recommendations for future interventions, and identifies evidence gaps requiring primary and secondary research.